Aerospace & Avionics Pressure Calibration

The Mensor Calibration Laboratory is fully equipped with state of the art calibration standards capable of performing pressure calibrations for altitude, airspeed, total pressure, static pressure, cabin pressure, engine pressure ratios and angle of attack and other pressure transducers used in aerospace applications, both hydraulic and pneumatic.


Absolute pressure transducers with a range that corresponds to atmospheric pressure (static pressure) at any altitude are used in Mensor's CPA8001 Air Data Test Set and the CPA2501 Air Data Indicator. The output from these pressure transducers are converted to altitude using a formula based on the 1962 U.S. Standard Atmosphere. The "Standard Atmosphere" assumes a known relationship between pressure, temperature and atmospheric density. Pressure has a non-linear, inversly proportional relationship to altitude. As altitude increases, pressure decreases.

Differential pressure transducers with a range corresponding to expected airspeeds are also used in the CPA8001 and the CPA2501. The output from these transducers are converted to airspeed (the motion of the aircraft through the surrounding air mass). The low side of the transducer is connected to the static pressure (atmospheric pressure at altitude) and the high side is connected to the impact pressure of the air mass. On the aircraft these connections are made to a pitot tube diagramed below.

The following equation defines the relationship between static pressure, impact pressure and total pressure.

qc = Pt - Ps


qc = Impact Pressure
Pt = Total Pressure
Ps = Static Pressure

The diagram below shows a pitot tube configuration and the pressure generated across a differential sensor. The total pressure includes the effect of the existing atmospheric pressure (static pressure) and the impact pressure. The differential sensor in the pitot tube measures the difference between Pt and Ps, giving the impact pressure qc, using the equation above.

To request a quotation for altitude or airspeed pressure calibration fill out the Calibration Quote Request form.

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