Bidirectional Pressure Calibration

The Mensor Calibration Laboratory is fully equipped with state of the art calibration standards capable of performing bidirectional pressure calibrations.

  • Pneumatic Pressure Media: bidirectional pressure calibration for any full scale pressure between +/-0.18 psi and -15 to 6,000 psig
  • Hydraulic Pressure Media: bidirectional pressure calibration for any full scale pressure between -15 to 1,500 psig and -15 to 30,000 psig

Mensor's lab is accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA.

Like gauge pressure, bidirectional pressure is zero-referenced against atmospheric pressure. However, bidirectional pressure extends above and below atmospheric pressure. The indication of pressure below atmospheric pressure is denoted with a negative (-) sign and pressure above is indicated with a positive (+) sign, or the sign is omitted. A bidirectional range can be symmetrical (the magnitude of the negative portion is equal to the positive portion) or non-symmetrical (the negative and positive portions are not equal in magnitude). Symmetrical ranges like -15  to +15 are sometimes written as +/-15, and non-symmetrical ranges show the negative portion and the positive portion, like -15 to 100. Calibration of the zero point is as simple as opening both the pressure and the reference port to atmospheric pressure. Calibration of readings above and below zero requires an appropriate high accuracy pressure standard.

A bidirectional transducer is really just a gauge transducer that has been calibrated and ranged to include a negative component below atmospheric pressure. Calibration of pressure spans below 5 psig require special consideration. Deadweight testers are limited in their ability to generate very low pressure spans. Mensor has developed special techniques to calibrate pressure instruments that have full spans below 5 psi to pressure spans as low as 5 inches of water. The white paper "Low Pressure Measurements" describes these techniques and limitations. Mensor is fully aware of these issues and has been the leader in very low pressures instruments for many years. 

Differences between the various types of pressure are described in the video below.

To request a quotation for bidirectional pressure calibration, fill out the Calibration Quote Request form.

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