Customer Testimonials - Rothe Development, Inc. and Mensor digital pressure gauges

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Customer Testimonials - Rothe Development, Inc. and Mensor digital pressure gauges

Mensor receives customer comments and feedback forms regularly, but one in particular caught our eye recently. A calibration supervisor at Rothe Development, Inc. praised our products when he said, “We have tried almost every manufacturer of pressure gauges and none are better than Mensor!”

After speaking to this supervisor, we found the main reason for this compliment was due to his satisfaction with the calibration stability of Mensor digital pressure gauges. Rothe uses these instruments as transfer standards for their field calibration operation. He said he consistently sees minimal drift and rarely, if ever, sees gauges that have drifted out of tolerance. The amazing thing is he’s using digital pressure gauges two generations back (Model 2100), which are 20 years or older but are still providing high accuracy and stability. (Note: These instruments were once referred to as DPGs, but since WIKA acquired Mensor it has been changed to CPGs.)

Founded in San Antonio in 1967, Rothe Development, Inc. (RDI) was established to serve the high-technology sector of the space age with research, development and services.  Founders Heinrich C. and Wilhelm E. Rothe were members of Dr. Wernher von Braun's team of rocket scientists stationed at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

Mensor is delighted that we have been able to provide reliable and stable digital pressure gauges to Rothe for many years, and hope to continue to service these instruments, as well as provide a new generation of gauges for years to come.

The new CPG2500 contains the same reliable and stable transducer technology with accuracies that now exceed that of its predecessors. They also come with a two-year warranty. Each pressure gauge can have up to two internal transducers and an internal barometer, which allows for differential and atmospheric pressure readings, or emulation of absolute from gauge transducers and gauge from absolute transducers. Additionally, the two internal transducers are interchangeable with any alternatively ranged transducers held in reserve.