Using a Dual Piston with a Deadweight Tester

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The DH Budenberg Deadweight Tester models CPB5800 and CPB3800 can be equipped with a dual piston.

A dual piston can greatly increase the range of a deadweight using only a single set of weights. There is a small diameter, high pressure piston that rotates within a larger diameter, low pressure piston. The low pressure piston is active when at lower pressures, and as the pressure in the system increases to a given level, the low pressure piston becomes the cylinder in which the high pressure piston rotates. This provides two different, cross sectional areas in a single piston cylinder assembly, which allows the deadweight tester to generate two different pressures (low and high) with a single mass loading. The video below gives a succinct graphical description of how this is accomplished:

For example, a CPB5800 with one set of masses can generate from 10 to 800 psi by utilizing the low pressure piston, and generate 200 to 20,000 psi with the high pressure piston.

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Available with Dual Pistons