Replacing Existing Pressure Controllers with the Latest Mensor Controllers

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Replacing Existing Pressure Controllers with the Latest Mensor Controllers

Mensor’s pressure controllers provide automated measurement and calibration along with unmatched performance reliability to ensure long-term uninterrupted process automation. There are multiple advantages in replacing existing pressure instruments with Mensor pressure controllers. Mensor offers three models to meet varying requirements:

CPC4000 Industrial Pressure Controller
CPC6050 Modular Pressure Controller
CPC8000 High-end Pressure Controller

Pressure Range & Measurement Accuracy
Matching the range and desired measurement accuracy for each pressure controller is critical. For this reason, Mensor controllers cover a pressure range from -1 bar (-15 psi) to 210 bar (3,045 psi) with the CPC4000 and CPC6050, and up to 400 bar (6,000 psi) with the CPC8000. Each of the controllers comes with customized transducers and internal regulator modules capable of having a wide dynamic range, reducing the hassle of changing regulator modules with small changes in measurement range. All Mensor controllers are capable of having either %FS transducers, %IS (% of reading) transducers or a combination of both within one instrument. The desired controller can be selected depending on the accuracy class of an existing controller/calibrator used or on the DUT accuracy.

CPC4000 CPC6050 CPC8000
 Accuracy 0.02% FS or IS-50 0.01% FS or IS-50 0.008% FS or IS-33
 Precision 0.008% FS 0.004% FS 0.004% FS

Modularity with Multiple Transducers
Mensor pioneered the concept of modularity in a pressure controller, making it possible to operate multiple pressure ranges and accuracy levels using just one chassis. Depending on the model of the controller chosen, the user can have up to four transducers (CPC6050), up to three transducers (CPC8000) and up to two transducers (CPC4000) inside the controller. With the CPC6050 (shown below), it is also possible to have two completely independent control channels for simultaneous operation. This increases the versatility of the Mensor controller and reduces the footprint required for dual regulation capability. The transducers inside all of the Mensor pressure controllers are plug and play, allowing the user to easily change pressure ranges without changing regulation modules. The pressure ranges of the transducers are completely customizable to suit different applications and provide best operational accuracy.

CPC6050 Open Door

Multi-stage Proportional Control Technology
Traditional pressure control technologies use a single-stage pressure control mechanism where the entire source pressure is exerted on the regulating valves. This causes premature wear and tear on the regulator, along with unstable pressure control rates. Mensor pressure controllers use a specially engineered multi-stage control technology that protects the internal regulator from the full force of the source pressure. The multi-stage control facilitates a more stable pressure control and minimizes the effects of changes in supply pressure.

The multi-stage control system also adapts to the user’s requirements by providing a choice of customized speed, stability and rate of control to suit the current application and/or to mimic the current pressure controller.  These settings can be accessed from the graphical user interface.

Durability & Reliability
The multi-stage proportional control technology extends the life of the internal pressure module inside the Mensor controllers as compared to other traditional pressure controllers. This guarantees the durability of the instrument for long-term operation without the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

The controlled pressure at every set point is reliable and stable, and Mensor controllers are capable of automatically adjusting their control behavior to compensate for changes in control volume and minor pressure transients. This is especially important for production or similar high use applications where downtimes caused by frequent repairs can reduce operational output and revenue generation.

Communication & Connection
One of the important things to consider when replacing an existing pressure controller/calibrator is the protocol used to send and receive information through the instrument and the communication media used to facilitate this communication. The most standard protocol used in the industry is the SCPI protocol.  All Mensor pressure controllers offer the flexibility to use either the SCPI protocol or the Mensor protocol, along with provisions for multiple communication media like USB, Ethernet, IEEE-488 and WiFi. Mensor also provides emulation commands for several other pressure controllers and calibrators. The emulation commands ensure plug and play replacement to the new Mensor controllers without changes in the communication protocol used before. All Mensor controllers come with options to choose a variety of pressure connections and standard, straightforward pressure ports for quick setup.

Warranty & Calibration Service
The high durability and quality of the Mensor controllers is further assured by the two-year warranty provided with the instruments. This combined with the modular nature of the instruments ensures hassle-free maintenance with almost no downtime. Recalibration frequency and turnaround time are also important factors to consider when choosing a pressure controller. The removable transducers can be recalibrated at Mensor’s designated calibration centers around the world with national traceability.