Replacing Existing Pressure Indicators with the Latest Mensor Indicators

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Replacing Existing Pressure Indicators with the latest Mensor Indicator

Mensor’s pressure indicators, also known as digital pressure gauges, are precision pressure measuring devices. They are used in laboratories and production areas as transfer standards or secondary standards to calibrate or verify field pressure instruments. Their small footprint allows them to be utilized at a laboratory bench, in a rack mount or in a portable application. Mensor pressure indicators offer unmatched performance reliability to ensure long-term uninterrupted service. There are multiple advantages in replacing existing pressure indicators with Mensor pressure indicators. Mensor offers several models with varying features:

CPG2500 Digital Pressure Indicator
CPG2400 Digital Pressure Gauge
CPG1500 Digital Pressure Gauge

Pressure Range & Measurement Accuracy

When replacing an existing pressure indicator, it’s important to examine the range, accuracy and features. Mensor pressure indicators cover a pressure range from 0 to 10 inches of water up to 150,000 psi. Indicators are supplied with one or up to three internal customized transducer(s). All Mensor indicators have either % of full scale (%FS) or % of reading (%IS) accuracy, or a combination of both within one instrument. In addition, external transducers are available for the CPG2500.

A replacement indicator is selected based on the accuracy of the existing indicator or on the accuracy of the device being tested. Standard practice recommends that the accuracy of the indicator’s measurement be at least four times more accurate than the device under test.

CPG2500 CPG2400 CPG1500
 Standard Range
0 … 0.36 up to 10,000 psi 0 … 0.36 up to 6,000 psi 0 … 1.5 up to 150,000 psi
 Premium Range
0 … 12 up to 42,000 psi N/A N/A
0.01% FS to 0.008% IS-33 0.03% FS 0.1% FS to 0.05% FS
Up to 3 internal; 1 external 1 1
 Removable Transducer
Yes No No

Local: 7” color LCD touchscreen

Remote: RS-232, IEEE-488, USB, Ethernet

Local: Monochrome 128x64 LCD, with LED backlight

Remote: RS-232 or RS-485

Local: 5 ½ digit, auxiliary info, bar graph and backlight

Remote: WIKA Wireless

Barometric Reference
The CPG2500 can have an additional internal barometric reference transducer that can be used for a barometric pressure readout, or to emulate gauge pressure from an absolute transducer or absolute pressure from a gauge transducer. Additionally, the internal transducer in the CPG2400 and CPG1500 can be configured as a precision barometer.

Warranty & Calibration Service
All products manufactured by Mensor are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of two years from the date of shipment.

Indicators and transducers can be serviced and/or recalibrated at Mensor’s designated service and calibration centers around the world. Traceability to the country’s national standard is available at each location.