Mensor Cares

Mensor Cares is a group of Mensor employees who believe in the spirit of working together to help others in need. We have formed our own non-profit through payroll deductions in order to give back to other non-profits in the communities in which we live.

Board of Directors

Rick Gonzales - Chairman

Tanda Crandall - Vice Chairman

Aisling Niestroy - Secretary

Amber Walsh - Member at Large

John Rosenwald - Member at Large

Since October 2015, Mensor Cares members have donated over $32,000 to local non-profits. Although the members may change throughout the years, the mission does not.

Mensor Cares logo
Mensor Cares Contacts

If you have questions regarding Mensor Cares, feel free to contact a member of the Board of Directors.

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