There are many products within the Calibration Technology Division of the WIKA Group that are branded WIKA. These WIKA branded products contain instruments for calibration and testing of pressure, temperature, and electrical values. Some of these products are handheld or portable products that are used in the process industry; others are temperature calibration baths and dry blocks used in temperature calibration laboratories, manufacturing and general industry.


WIKA acquired Automatic Systems Laboratories (ASL) in January, 2013.
The proven products from ASL are available as before but now within the WIKA Calibration Technology division of the WIKA Group under the WIKA Brand.
The ASL now marketed under the WIKA brand provide high accuracy primary standard resistance thermometry bridges, AC and DC resistance thermometry bridges, precision thermometers in addition to standard reference resistors. All of these products are used in the calibration of temperature measuring devices.

Product overview

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