Comment Conflict Commodities

The enactment of section 1502 of the US American Dodd-Frank Act commits listed US companies to provide proofs of origin for the raw materials tantalum, gold, tungsten and tin and furthermore to put far-reaching auditing requirements for suppliers and material flows into practice. The objective is to reveal the global supply chains in order to ensure that no conflict commodities are included in the end product.

Such a product-specific disclosure and supply chain protection of the entire product portfolio of WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG – from commodities to the end product, i.e. a certification of each manufacturing step, is not reliably feasible. Furthermore, the certificates which were created with a great deal of effort cannot be verified. In this connection, WIKA supports the demands of the ZVEI to exclusively conduct a certification of melting facilities.

Our sources of supply consist of qualified and well-known suppliers, without exception.

WIKA has already obtained confirmations from its main suppliers. To the present day, these suppliers certify without exception that no raw materials originating from such countries, which are listed in the already mentioned US American Dodd-Frank Act, are used.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, WIKA cannot make a general statement or fill out customer-specific questionnaires.