Model CPB8000

Automatic pressure balance

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  • Combining automation with high-level primary pressure balance
  • A powerful solution to test and calibrate high-specifications pressure sensors
  • Automatic calibration and verification of pressure instruments
  • Large-volume calibrations

Special Features

  • Total measurement uncertainty down to 20 ppm of reading
  • Available up to 1,000 bar / 14,500 psi pneumatic and 5,000 bar / 72,500 psi hydraulic
  • Automatic mass loading system with a resolution down to 0.1 g
  • Automatic pressure generation


Reference primary standards
Pressure balances are high-precision fundamental pressure standards that define the derived unit of pressure directly from the fundamental units of mass, length and time following the formula p = F/A.
The direct measurement of the pressure with a pressure balance combined to the know-how of Desgranges & Huot guarantee the best metrological specifications on the market.

  • High-quality piston-cylinder systems (high floating time and long-term stability)
  • Protection and smooth handling of the mass set

This type of pressure balance has been successfully tested by national institutes, calibration laboratories and all type of industries.

Large-volume calibration
CPB8000 has been designed to provide the best available metrological specifications but also to respond to industry requirements. Providing a high MTBF, the CPB8000 pressure generation system can also generate and regulate with large volume under test.

Automation and metrology
The servo-controlled spindle pump for pressure generation, combined to the built-in optical detection used to measure the piston position, offers fine and reliable pressure regulation. The mass set protected in a cabinet is handled carefully providing the highest stability. Finally the pressure is automatically fully corrected taking in account all ambient parameters.

Our models
CPB8000 is available in four versions: pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, with or without the trim mass set handling system (optional down to 10 mg). A large range of piston-cylinder systems is available to best meet your specific requirements.

Automatic pressure balance
  • Automatic pressure balance