Model CPC8000

High-end Mensor pressure controller

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Applications of the Mensor pressure controller

  • Industry (laboratory, workshop and production)
  • Transmitter and pressure gauge manufacturers
  • Calibration service companies and service industry
  • Research and development laboratories
  • National institutes and institutions

Special Features of the Mensor pressure controller

  • Pressure ranges: -1 ... 400 bar [-15 ... 6,000 psi] in the pressure types positive and negative gauge pressure as well as absolute pressure
  • Up to three integrated, interchangeable reference pressure sensors
  • Control stability 0.002 % FS
  • Accuracy down to 0.008 % IS (IntelliScale)
  • Precision 0.004 % FS

Description of the Mensor pressure controller

Mensor pressure controllers such as the CPC8000 have been part of the WIKA product range since 2006.

The model CPC8000 high-end Mensor pressure controller is a premium accuracy instrument suitable as a calibration solution for various applications.
Its outstanding control performance is particularly impressive, thanks to special, patented valve technology and the specific pressure sensor as a measuring unit. With this the Mensor pressure controller is suitable as a factory or working standard for the testing or calibration of any type of pressure measuring instrument.

The CPC8000 is available as a desktop instrument or as a 19" rack-mounted kit. The sensors can be changed via the front, without taking out the complete controller (e.g. out of a calibration rig).

Maximum ease-of-use of the Mensor pressure controller is achieved through the large touchscreen and the simple and intuitive menu navigation. In addition, its operability is further supported by the availability of a large number of menu languages. On the large touchscreen, all necessary information such as current measured value and set point can be found on a single screen. Optionally, the measured values can be displayed in other pressure units. The Mensor pressure controller can be remotely controlled via serial interfaces available. Through these, a wide range of emulation command sets for other pressure controllers are available.

Complete test and calibration systems
On request, complete mobile or stationary test systems can be manufactured. There is an IEEE-488.2, RS-232, USB and an Ethernet interface for communication with other instruments, and thus the instrument can be integrated into existing systems.