Model CPD8000

Digital Piston Gauge

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Applications for the Piston Gauge

  • High accuracy digital primary standard
  • Reference instrument for calibration laboratories and high-end sensor production for the testing, adjustment and calibration of pressure measuring instruments
  • Complete, stand-alone system, suitable for on-site use

Special Features of the Piston Gauge

  • Absolute and gauge pressure
  • Piston cylinder with high accuracy force measurement gauge
  • 15 measuring ranges up to 7200 psi
  • Total measurement uncertainty down to 20 ppm of reading
  • Ideal for automated high accuracy calibration systems

Description of the Piston Gauge

Primary Standard Piston Gauge
A Piston gauges is a high-precision fundamental pressure standards that measure pressure directly from a force applied over an area, using the definition of pressure: p = F/A.

The model CPD8000 Piston Gauge combines two high-level technologies:

  • A Precision piston-cylinder unit.
  • A High-accuracy force cell

The piston's effective area (A), and the force (F) measured by the force cell are used to derive the pressure using of the fundamental pressure equation p =F/A.

The CPD8000 Piston Gauge measurement principle is fundamental and provides a level of pressure uncertainty equal to primary pressure measurement standards. It combines the measurement uncertainty and reliability of fundamental pressure standards with the ease of use of automatic digital pressure measuring instruments.

Easy to use
The model CPD8000 Piston Gauge offers the same level of  measurement uncertainty as a high-end pressure primary standard with benefits:

  • Mass loading is not necessary
  • Built-in reference mass for auto calibration
  • Reference pressure is digitally displayed and transmitted.