Model CPG2300 Barometer

Portable Digital Barometer

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  • Portable barometer applications 
  • Weather monitoring 
  • Semiconductor manufacturers
  • Utilities
  • Pharmaceutical / medical / health care

Key Features

  • Range: 8 to 17 psia (~560 to 1170 mbar)
  • Accuracy: 0.015% reading
  • Dynamic temp comp. from 0 to 50°C
  • RS-232 communications
  • Two sensor channels


The CPG2300 Portable Barometer is a special version of the CPG2300 Portable Pressure Calibrator. This single channel barometric version contains a sensor with a range of 8 to 17 psia and an accuracy of 0.015% of reading. If an additional sensor range is required the standard CPG2300 Potable Digital Pressure gauge can be supplied. The barometer range can be specified in inches of mercury, mbar or kPa. or any of the 17 other units of measure available within the CPG2300.

The CPG2300 Portable Barometer is used in diverse applications from rugged field calibration of barometers to testing and calibration in clean rooms, nuclear power plants, weather stations, for medical radiation devices, and the manufacture of health care and pharmaceutical products. The CPG2300 fits applications that require a high degree of accuracy. It is used wherever there is a need for a high level of accuracy in a handheld barometer.

Functional Flexibility
Mensor CPG2300 Portable Barometer has one of the best uncertainty specifications of any portable barometer. With an uncertainty of 0.015% of reading, technicians have a reliable and accurate way to measure barometric pressure or calibrate barometers in remote locations. Temperature compensation from 0 to 50oC, permits use in most environments, without degradation of accuracy. Seventeen selectable pressure units and one user defined unit allows flexibility in measurement and  calibration.

The user interface is through a monochrome 128 x 64 LCD, with white LED back light. A tactile membrane keypad makes navigation within the intuitive menu easy. Built in functionality to display min/max peak pressure and rate per second per hour and per three hour plus a null function give the CPG2300 additional functionality for monitoring barometric pressure trends.

Portable Pressure Calibrator, Model CPG2300

Portable Pressure Calibrator, Model CPG2300

  • Portable Pressure Calibrator, Model CPG2300