Model CPG2500 Barometer

Precision Digital Barometer

CPG2500 Precision Digital Barometer

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Applications for the Precision Digital Barometer

  • Barometric pressure monitoring
  • Weather stations
  • Replacement of Mercury manometers
  • Calibration of barometers

    Key Features of the Precision Digital Barometer

    • 0.01% of reading accuracy
    • Range: 8 to 17 psia (~560 to 1170 mbar)
    • Alternate Ranges: 17 to 34 in Hg @ 0C
    • Color touch screent
    • Peak, null, and rate functions

      Description of the Precision Digital Barometer

      The CPG2500 Precision Digital Barometer is a high accuracy barometer with a range of 8 to 17 psia. Alternative ranges can be specified in a variety of units including inches of Mercury (in Hg A), millibar (mbar) and kilo pascals (kPa). 0.01% Percent of reading accuracy for the full span of the barometric range sets the CPG2500 apart from other barometers. Availability of the peak, rate and null functions provide a way to analyze barometric trends. Remote communications is via IEEE-488, RS-232, USB or Ethernet.
      This Precision Digital Barometer is used as a desk top or rack mounted barometric reference for weather stations, laboratories, clean rooms, nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical processing and health care equipment manufacturing. The CPC2500 Percision Digital Barometer is used wherever there is a need to have a precise measurement of barometric pressure in manufacturing, testing, calibration or monitoring of atmospheric pressure.

      Functional Flexibility
      The CPG2500 Precision Digital Barometer is configured as a single channel baroometric pressure indicator, but a barometric range can be configured in a dual range CPG2500 to include an additional channel to measure and read pressures up to 42, 000 psi. In addition, an external transducer with ranges up to 6000 psi can be connected to display a third pressure channel.
      Communications for the CPG2500 Precision Digital Barometer includes IEEE-488, RS-232, USB and Ethernet port. The display includes a remote status indicator providing a visual indication for analyzing remote communications errors in the syntax or command. Firmware updates can be performed over the included RS-232, USB or Ethernet interfaces.