Models CTP2000, CTP9000

Standard thermometer

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  • Comparison calibration in dry block calibrators, tube furnaces and liquid baths

Special Features

  • High stability
  • Low drift, long service life
  • Wide temperature range


Calibration by means of an external standard thermometer
The WIKA standard thermometers are particularly suited for applications in industrial laboratories. They enable easy comparative calibration in our baths, in tube furnace and in dry well calibrators.

The use of an external reference thermometer is recommended, particularly for the calibration of short temperature sensors. Thus the errors due to the radial and axial temperature distribution in the temperature conditioning unit are considerably reduced.

For calibration, the test items and the standard thermometer are brought to the same temperature in a temperature conditioning unit.

As soon as a stable temperature is reached, the test items are read or their output signals are measured (resistance, thermoelectric voltage, standard signal) and compared with the standard thermometer.
Using this comparison method, the measuring uncertainty can be considerably reduced because not only the display of the temperature conditioning unit is taken into consideration.

Standard thermometer
  • Standard thermometer