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Rack Mount Systems

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  • High speed or high volume
  • Rackmount calibration and testing systems
  • Production testing, control & data acquisition
  • Oven control pressure sensor characterization

Key Features

  • Multi-channel high speed or high volume precision pressure control
  • Monitoring and storage of multiple digital and analog signals
  • Custom software for graphical user interface and data acquisition / reporting
  • Control of process and calibration / testing variables
  • All-in-one, turnkey system


Rack mount systems  can  combine pressure controllers, digital volt meters, manifolds, power supplies, pressure volumes, data acquisition, and computers with custom software and a graphical user interface, to achieve a customer specified task. Rack systems are contained in a standard 19' rack and can have wheels or direct floor mount.

Rack systems can include a variety of customer specified or mensor recommended components:

  • Data acquisition through Access or SQL Server database
  • low mid and high range pressure control
  • data acquisition / switch unit
  • Programmable Power supply

  • Power distribution module
  • touchscreen monitor
  • computer with keyboard and mouse
  • software written for LabView, C, C++ or C sharp
  • Communication to remote analog or digital sensors
  • generate individual data packets for calibration charts and performance data

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Multiple rack systems

Multiple rack systems

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