New Capacative Touchscreen Added to Mensor's CPC6050 Pressure Controller

The CPC6050 is getting more and more sophisticated! After successfully implementing the premium accuracies of 0.008% FS, 0.008% IS-50, and 0.008% IS-33, our engineers have now also redesigned and optimized our touchscreen.

Until now, the CPC 6050 had a resistive touchscreen that was operated with pressure. A pen, the whole finger or just the fingernail had to be used for this. With constant drive for optimization at Mensor LP, a capacitive touchscreen has now been developed for the CPC6050[1] to improve the user’s experience.[1] The new touchscreen is also incorporated in the CPC8000

Unlike the resistive touchscreen which only reacts to pressure, the capacitive touchscreen responds to a simple touch, just like most modern smartphones. Capacitive touchscreens determine the position of the touch by changing an electric field. This makes it possible to determine exactly where the touch took place. Our software team has also adjusted the sensitivity of the new display to ensure customers in a laboratory environment can use this new screen with cotton lab gloves on.

One of the most noticeable changes in the display upgrade is the size of the CPC6050's touchscreen. It has been increased from 8.9” to 10.1”, which offers the customer better viewing and easier interfacing with the controller. In addition to the size increase, the CPC 6050 offers a higher resolution of 1280 X 800, combined with improved luminance of 1000 CD/SQ. M. (Typ.), compared to the old display of 300 CD/SQ. M. (Typ.).

With the new capacitive touch screen in combination with the accuracy class of 0.008% and a competitive price, the CPC6050 is the most accurate, innovative, and affordable controllers on the market.

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