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Calibration Technology Taking You to New Heights

With advancement of technology over the years, aerospace industry has grown to be one of the most powerful industries in the world encompassing a complex web of manufacturers and suppliers all throughout its supply chain from space, military aircraft to commercial aviation. The wide range of applications involves pressure and altitude measurement transducers. Due to the highly sensitive and wide dynamic range of these transducers, their accurate performance is crucial.

Our Strengths

Mensor started out building instrumentation for the avionics industry.  The first instrument Mensor sold was to a major avionics and airframe manufacturer.  We continue to offer a wide range of standard products along with customized solutions that comes from understand your application and hence develop individual solutions. Our products measure and calibrate a variety of pressure transducers used in avionic industry and include a new generation of updated air speed and altitude measuring and controlling instruments.


  • Calibration of altimeters and air speed indicators
  • High pressure sensor calibration
  • Jet engine testing
  • Avionic equipment manufacturing
  • Avionics maintenance and testing

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