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Calibration Services Industry

Many companies around the world rely on calibration service companies, who are in compliance with local standards, to perform required calibration of their pressure, temperature and electrical devices. Calibration service companies employ a qualified team using certified standards to perform calibrations on components for their clients. The Calibration Technology Division of WIKA supplies the Calibration Service Industry with certified standards for use in pressure, temperature and electrical calibration.

Our Strengths

The Calibration Technology Division of WIKA has a variety of pressure, temperature and electrical calibrators, covering a wide range of measurements, calibration service companies rely on us for calibrators and accessories to perform every calibration. Many of the Mensor pressure calibrators provide multiple ranges and multiple channels that cover a very large range with a single calibrator, while maintaining acceptable test uncertainty ratios. DH-Budenberg and Desgranges & Huot deadweight testers have been used in industry and national laboratories around the world for many years. ASL Thermometry bridges offer the highest standard of accuracy for reliable temperature calibration.


  • Mobile calibration vehicles
  • Laboratory calibration
  • Field / portable calibration
  • Instrument testing and validation

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