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Drilling into your Application to Provide the Best Calibration solutions

Pressure, temperature measuring instruments can be found worldwide in the field of oil and gas production and generation, in offshore as well as onshore applications. Due to the extreme demands of measurement technology and hydraulic nature of operation, measurement & calibration products need to operate in hydraulic media, and provide high quality results safely and reliably.

Our Strengths

With our industrial and premium pressure and temperature calibration solutions, we provide an array of standard and customizable products that meet the high – end safety and operational requirements of your industry. We provide calibration solution to various aspects of the Oil & Gas supply chain which can perform calibration on subsea transmitters, down-hole pressure and temperature sensors, and high temperature thermometers among others.


  • On shore and off shore drilling
  • Production and refining
  • Relief valve manufacturing and testing
  • Down-hole pressure and temperature sensing
  • Service Laboratories

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