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Research & Education developing new technologies

Many Universities and higher learning institutions have grown to have vibrant research programs that are on the cutting edge of new technology development. Pressure, temperature and electrical components with the highest accuracy are critical in the collection, monitoring and control of parameters in experimental processes. For this reason, many institutions rely on the pressure, temperature and electrical calibrators offered by the Calibration Technology Division of WIKA, including Mensor, Mensor custom systems, DH Budenberg, Desgranges & Huot, and ASL.

Our Strengths

All of the brands under the Calibration Technology Division of WIKA are ideal for the demands placed on instruments that are used in research and development, at academic institutions. Our strength lies in our ability to understand and provide tools, in consultation with scientist and technicians, that meet the specific requirements of research / development projects.


  • Nano technology
  • Environmental sciences
  • Barometric pressure monitoring
  • Pressure and temperature monitoring & control
  • High accuracy calibration

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