Hand-helds, Calibrators

Model Description Number
CPH6000 ProcessCalibrator CT 15.01
CPH6200, CPT6200 Hand-held pressure indicator 1-channel version and 2-channel version CT 11.01
CPH62I0 Intrinsically safe hand-held pressure indicator (Ex version) 1-channel and 2-channel version CT 11.02
CPH6300 Hand-held pressure indicator CT 12.01
CPH6400 Precision hand-held pressure indicator CT 14.01
CPH7000 Portable process calibrator CT 15.51
CPH7650 Portable pressure calibrator CT 17.02
Pascal 100 Hand-held multifunction calibrator CT 18.01
Pascal ET Hand-held multifunction calibrator CT 18.02
WIKA-Cal Calibration software CT 95.10