Digital Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

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Digital Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

Digital Hydraulic pressure gauges are available as process gauges like the WIKA CPG1500 and CPG500 or as desk top digital hydraulic pressure Indicators like the Mensor CPG2500 or CPG2400. The CPG1500 and the CPG 500 resemble typical mechanical dial pressure gauge but incorporate an electronic pressure transducer instead of a mechanical pressure sensor and a digital indication instead of a mechanical dial. Both types of digital hydraulic pressure gauges are often referred to as pressure gauges or pressure indicators but the ones shown here are compatible with hydraulic media. The CPG1500 has WIKA Wireless Communication available based on Blutooth 2.1. Communication can be accomplished through a PC or Android mobile device using the "myWIKA" App. Range, pressure can be seen remotely  and logged pressure data can be download. The CPG2500 communicates via IEEE 488, RS--232, USB and Ethernet. The CPG2400 communicates via Rs-232 or RS-485. All of these digital hydraulic pressure gauges can measure the pressure of non-corrosive hydraulic media. In addition they can be utilized with pneumatic media.

Digital Hydraulic Pressure Gauges are typically used in high pressure applications above 6000 psi but also can be used below 6000 psi. The Mensor CPG2500 can be used as a digital hydraulic pressure gauge up to 42,000 psi. The CPG1500 can be used for pressure up to 15,000 psi.  Mensor, WIKA and DH Budenberg brands all have instruments (deadweight testers, comparators, and handheld calibrators ) that can be used to measure and control hydraulic pressure for process testing and calibration purposes.

CPG1500 Digital Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

The CPG1500 is compatible with pneumatic and hydraulic media and is a valuable tool for continuous monitoring of process conditions or for periodic testing.


  • Ranges up to 15,000 psi gauge and absolute
  • Accuracy to 0.05% FS
  • Temperature  Compensation: -10 … +50 °C (14 ... 122 °F)
  • Intrinsically safe version
  • Logger function, up to 50 readings per second
  • Communicated via WIKA Wireless to WIKA Cal software or myWIKA app


  • Petrochemical process monitoring
  • Maintenance, Service and Calibration
  • On site testing or calibration of dial gauges

CPG2500 Digital Hydraulic Pressure Indicator

The CPG2500 is a high accuracy pressure indicator compatible with hydraulic media. It can have up to two internal transducers and an external transducer for remote pressure monitoring.


  • Ranges up to 42,000 psi
  • Accuracy to 0.008% IS-33
  • Removable / Interchangeable transducers
  • Operating Temperature Range: 15 to 40 deg C
  • Communicated via Ethernet, IEEE-488, USB, RS-232


  • Hydraulic Pressure Standard in Calibration lab
  • Transfer standard with remote hydraulic pressure transducers
  • Simultaneous three channel monitoring

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