Scandura Now Part of The WIKA Group of Companies


Scandura Acqusition:

WIKA aquired Scandura in 2012. The products manufactures by Scandura will are now intrigrated into the WIKA Calibration Technology product family and are presented under the WIKA brand.

Scandura products, now branded WIKA:

Scandura, as a subsidiary within the WIKA group of companies manufactures pressure, temperature and electrical signal measurement instruments for critical applications in the process industry, including ATEX Certification in portable calibrators for those industries that require it.

Scandura has a long history of supplying their instruments in turn key systems for field and laboratory calibration and test applications.

Mensor handles sales and service of Scandura products that are npw branded WIKA  in the United States. Contact information is found in links to the right.

We look forward to our continued collaboration!


Application of Scandura, now WIKA Products:

The PascalET and the Pascal100 are similar devices in that they are both Portable Multifunction Calibrators. The Pascal ET is primarily focused on measurement and simulation of pressure, electrical signals (mA, mV, V, Ω), temperature (TC, RTD), frequency and pulse. The PascalET/P version can also accommodate two internal pressure transducers and two external pressure transducers (up to 15,000 psi) . The Pascal100 measures and simulates pressure, electrical signals (mA, mV, V, Ω), temperature (TC, RTD), frequency and pulse, but in addition has the  capability of self generation of vacuum pressure and pressure up to 300 psi. Both devices can come with Hart Communication.