Model 73

Pressure Booster to 750 psi

Model 73 Pressure Booster

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  • Applications requiring a 750 psi pressure source

Key Features

  • Generates 325 to 750 psi
  • Using a 70 to 150 psi clean dry shop air source
  • System consists of a 5 to 1 primary stage pressure booster
  • Purely mechanical device, no electrical requirements 


The Mensor Model 73 Shop Air Pressure Booster generates 325 psi to 750 psi using a 70 psi to 150 psi clean dry shop air source. The Model 73 consists of a single 5 to 1 pressure boost stage with limits for speed control and maximum output pressure control.

To achieve the 325 psi output, a minimum supply of approximately 70 psi is required. To achieve 750 psi, a 150 psi supply is required. 150 psi is the maximum input pressure the unit should be subjected to. The unit is purely a mechanical device and has no electrical requirements.