Model Model 82

Pressure Pump / Vacuum Pump

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  • Rack mount pressure source
  • Rack mount vacuum source
  • Desk top pressure/vacuum source
  • Pressure/vacuum source for avionics instruments

Key Features

  • Shock mounted to reduce noise and vibration
  • Separate power switch/breaker
  • For avionics applications capable of vacuum to produce 60,000 feet of altitude
  • Capable of producing pressure for airspeeds in excess of 1000 knots



The Mensor Model 82 is a pump and/or compressor set that complements a pressure controller and fits on or under a bench, in a rack, or on a table.   The compressor is an oil-less pump with a maximum pressure of 50 psi with a open flow of 1.5 cfm.  The vacuum pump is also oil-less and can achieve 28.5 inHG of vacuum with an open flow of 0.8 cfm.  In avionics terms, this set is capable of 60,000 feet of altitude and airspeeds in excess of 1000 knots.  Both units are shock mounted to reduce noise and vibration.   Each unit has a power switch/breaker and can be run independently. This same configuration can also be produced in a standard 19 inch, 4U (7” high) rack mount chassis or desktop version.


Operation of the vacuum channel, pressure channel or both channels can be initiated by applying power using the power switch/breakers on the front panel.  The 110 volt AC unit requires nominal 110 volt AC, 60 Hz power be applied using the rear power cord.  The 230 volt AC unit requires 220 to 230 volt AC, 50 Hz power. Voltages should vary less than plus or minus 10% of rating. No internal regulation of the pressure or vacuum is provided in the unit.  Normally, none is needed on the vacuum port, but may be required if less than the approximately 50 psi gauge pressure is need for the pressure supply.   Under no load conditions, the compressor can achieve up to 75 psi gauge pressure.  The pressure and vacuum is automatically released by internal solenoid valves when power is removed from a channel.