Models 90, 91, 92

Coalescing filter / Liquid separator

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  • Protect pneumatic pressure controllers from liquid contamination
  • Protect any pressure instrument that is sensitive to liquid contamination.

Key Features

  • Maximum pressure Model 90 (425 psi), Model 91 (1000 psi), Model 92 (5000 psi)
  • Model 90: Automated drain
  • Adaptable connections
  • Stainless Steel housing


The Models 90, 91 and 92 Coalescing filters / liquid separators are accessories used to provide protection for pressure controllers and other pressure instruments that are sensitive to liquid contamination. Each filter / separator can be used with any Mensor standard product or within a custom system based on their individual pressure ratings.

The Model 90, 91 aand 92 all have coalescing filter within  a reservoir. Liquid contamination will be "trapped" within this this reservoir and can be eliminated with the an automated solenoid or manually controlled bleed valve. The gas medium will be conveyed to the receiving instrument free of liquid.

Liquid vapor, however, will be transmitted, so other precautions should be taken if conditions exist where liquid vapor may condense down stream of the coalescing filter / liquid separator.

Gas process  and drain connections are adaptable.