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Mensor Releases CPC4000 Industrial Pressure Controller

San Marcos, Texas –August 3, 2015, Mensor announces the release of the CPC4000 Industrial Pressure Controller.

The CPC4000 Industrial Pressure Controller represents the most recent advancement in an affordable, entry-level pressure controller for the calibration and instrumentation industry.

Key features include:

•    Custom pressure ranges from 1 to 3045 psi
•    Up to two transducers with auto-ranging
•    Barometric reference for emulation
•    0.02% accuracy
•    Fast and stable control
•    Optional contamination filter
This product features a modern intuitive user interface and a price that will fit your budget. The CPC4000 stands out for its ease of use, versatility and affordability. In addition, custom transducer ranges make it configurable to your specific requirements. Remote communication to a computer is achieved via IEEE-488, RS232, USB, Ethernet or optional WiFi.

The Mensor CPC4000 Industrial Pressure Controller gives the user ultimate control and versatility at an affordable price. It provides an automated way to maintain pressure for calibrating and testing pressure gauges, transducers, transmitters or other pressure sensing instruments.

Mensor Releases CPC4000 Industrial Pressure Controller
  • Mensor Releases CPC4000 Industrial Pressure Controller
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