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Trade-in program available for new digital deadweight tester

San Marcos, Texas, January 2019

Customers using the CPD8000 and DPG10 now have the option to trade their devices in and upgrade to the CPD8500 Digital Deadweight Tester. This trade-in program allows users to have the absolute CPD8500 chassis, new interface, removable environmental module, precision vacuum and barometric transducer, and an internal automatic lubrication box while retaining the internal load cell of their original instrument. The upgrade also offers end customers a credit on the new CPD8500 in lieu of the usable parts from their existing instrument.

Upgrading to the CPD8500 provides customers the opportunity to incorporate improvements in technology and design, while maintaining core functionalities of its predecessors. The CPD8500 enables users to linearize the load cell and calibrate the various internal sensors with an in-instrument 11-point calibration and adjustment menu. The instrument’s software is now equipped with a warning system which improves troubleshooting and helps prevent piston damage.

The rugged design of the new digital deadweight tester houses all its sensors in one sturdy, low vibration case. These sensors are completely removable and interchangeable. The environmental module features ambient temperature, pressure and humidity sensors to accurately detect changing ambient conditions and their impact on the measurement. Accessory hardware is also reduced as the CPD8500 includes its own internal lubrication box. The motor life has also been extended to two years.

Mensor can provide an upgrade to existing CPD8000s with functional absolute bases manufactured after January 2012. All trade-ins would be subjected to an incoming inspection to ensure functionality of the load cell and to determine if an upgrade is possible.

The configuration required for upgrade includes:

  • Absolute bases only
  • Manufacturing date on or after January 2012
  • Fully functional load cell
  • Bases with measuring heads having a vertical mounted motor assembly

The CPD8500 upgrade will have a limited warranty. The warranty will not cover the internal load cell, vacuum box or any other components reused from the old instrument. The overall accuracy of the instrument will be established based on the calibration results noted after the upgrade is complete. 

Contact a local sales representative for more information. Providing photos of each side of the instrument will help with the ordering process.


Trade-in program available for new digital deadweight tester
  • Trade-in program available for new digital deadweight tester
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