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CPT9000 Available as External Transducer to CPG2500

San Marcos, Texas, May 2019

The CPT9000 Premium Pressure Transducer is now available as an external transducer to the CPG2500 Precision Pressure Indicator, enhancing the measurement capability of the CPG2500 to 0.008% IS-33. This feature allows an on-screen readout and communication capability to the CPT9000, along with auxiliary functions such as leak detection and differential measurement.

The CPT9000 communicates with the CPG2500 through a simple RS-232 interface, with no additional power requirements. The CPG2500 reads the signal from the CPT9000 and sources power to the transducer. The CPT9000 is displayed on the screen as an external transducer.

This feature will enable users to read all available pressure ranges of the CPT9000 through a desktop display. The CPG2500 also allows for easy in-instrument zero and tare of the transducer through the touchscreen display. Additionally, the CPT9000 pressure transducer can be calibrated using the Service App for easy in-instrument calibration up to 11 points.

Users with an existing CPT9000 only need to purchase the external communication cable when ordering the CPG2500 in order to establish stable communication.

Similarly for users with an existing CPG2500 indicator, the upgrade communication cable can be requested when ordering the CPT9000. Mensor can also provide a software update to seamlessly integrate internal communication protocols of the CPT9000 with the CPG2500.   

For more information, contact your local sales representative.

CPT9000 Available as External Transducer to CPG2500
  • CPT9000 Available as External Transducer to CPG2500