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New multiplexer adds up to 40 channels on WIKA precision thermometers

San Marcos, Texas, August 2019

The CTR3000 Multi-function Precision Thermometer can now be expanded up to 40 additional channels with the new multiplexer model CTS3000. The CTS3000 offers 10 channels in one box for connecting thermometers and thermocouples, while maintaining the measurement accuracy of each channel.
The CTS3000 communicates seamlessly and automatically with the CTR3000 to identify, scan, switch and calibrate all channels. Up to four CTS3000 instruments can be daisy-chained through CTS expansion ports at the back of both it and the CTR3000.  

Thermometers can be connected to the CTS3000 using 4 mm banana jacks and thermocouples can be connected using TC mini connectors. Each active channel is indicated with an illuminated LED.

The chassis of the multiplexer is designed so that multiple CTS3000s can be stacked on top of each other to minimize space utilization. All the connections are front mounted, with the option of configuring the instrument in a rack mount setting for ease of use in a production environment.

It is now easier than ever to calibrate and scan multiple thermometers and thermocouples, making calibrations and verifications more efficient. Every DUT connected on the CTS3000 is uniquely identified with an ID on the CTR3000 for ease of reference.

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