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Upgraded Software Options and Enhanced Transducer Capabilities for CPG2500

San Marcos, Texas, January 2020

Software options for the CPG2500 Precision Pressure Indicator have been upgraded to offer remote emulation of the Pace 1000 and Digiquartz command sets. With these improvements, users can implement software written for other instruments, and it will interact seamlessly with the CPG2500.
The CPG2500 uses the CPR2550 Standard Pressure Transducer as the typical measuring device. It offers up to two internal CPR2550s with instrument software that enables the operator to use them simultaneously and independently.  

The measurement capability of the CPR2550 transducer has been enhanced up to 0.008% IS-33. With breakthrough technology and processes, the silicon transducer is now able to achieve higher accuracies than ever before. This allows users of the CPG2500 to achieve a premium accuracy at a more affordable cost.  

The 0.008% IS-33 accuracy will be available in both absolute and gauge pressure types. The absolute version will have this premium capability from 0 to 15 up to 1515 psi, while the gauge version will allow ranges from 0 to 15 up to 1500 psi. Although the transducer accuracy will be drastically improved, Mensor’s innovative characterization process allows the calibration interval to remain at 365 days.

With improved capability and competitive pricing, the CPG2500, in unison with the 0.008% IS-33 CPR2550, becomes one of the most economical primary standards on the market.

The high accuracy CPR2550 is also compatible as an additional transducer for all existing CPG2500s.

The CPR2580 will continue to be offered for ranges above 1500 psi.

CPG2500 with CPR2550 sensors
  • CPG2500 with CPR2550 sensors
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