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Trade in Old Controller/Calibrator for Credit Toward New CPC6050

San Marcos, Texas, September 2020

Trade in your existing pneumatic pressure controller and receive 15-20% credit toward the purchase of a new CPC6050 Modular Pressure Controller. This offer is currently only available to customers in the United States.

Compatible Mensor models receive 20% credit:

  • CPC6000
  • APC600
  • PCS400

Compatible non-Mensor models receive 15% credit:

  • PPC3
  • PPC4
  • Model 7250
  • PACE5000
  • PACE6000

About Mensor’s CPC6050

The CPC6050 is the next generation pressure controller equipped with all the same remote commands and configurations of Mensor’s CPC6000, as well as many new applications and capabilities.

The upgraded control algorithm and hardware allows a single instrument to control from 10 inches of water up to 3065 psi, all while maintaining a stability specification of 0.003% FS of the active transducer range. The CPC6050 continues to use removable transducers and regulators to provide more flexibility to the customer’s application. Additionally, there is no reason to return or discard old CPR6000 transducers, as they are also compatible with the CPC6050.

The CPC6050 has a vast assortment of additional options. Users can choose between two single output options, a single supply option and a single exhaust option. Mensor also has an Automatic Contamination Prevention System (ACPS) that is designed to be used with the CPC6050. This system will allow users to calibrate dirty gauges or transducers without the worry of contaminating the CPC6050.

With its improved features and intuitive user interface, the CPC6050 will provide an optimal and customizable addition to any environment from an industrial production facility to a precision calibration laboratory.

If interested in upgrading to a CPC6050, please fill out the form at so a sales representative can contact you.

Trade in Old Controller/Calibrator for Credit Toward New CPC6050
  • Trade in Old Controller/Calibrator for Credit Toward New CPC6050
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