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New Measuring Heads Available for CPD8500 Digital Deadweight Tester

San Marcos, Texas, April 2020

Mensor has launched the CPS8500 Measuring Head, a new addition to the CPD8500 Digital Deadweight Tester, which introduces an intelligent, digital form of technology to the primary standard industry. The CPS8500 is an improvement over previous measuring head models, like the 610, 410 and 110, available with the CPD8000 and DPG-10.

The CPS8500 Measuring Head houses on-board flash memory system containing the serial number, range, head characterization information, and all other CPD8500 required information. The smart board, built into the CPS8500, connects easily to the CPD8500 through a mechanical switch that automatically begins the synchronization process once engaged. This provides the CPD8500 with all the necessary data required to perform accurate calibrations. All modifications to the head information remain stored on the CPS8500 to provide continued accuracy when switching between different CPD8500 Digital Deadweight Testers.

The gauge version of this measuring head, the CPS8500G, will provide ranges from 1 bar (15 psi) up to 500 bar (7,250 psi) and the absolute version, the CPS8500A, will provide ranges from 2 bar (29 psi) up to 20 bar (290 psi). Each CPS8500 Measuring Head has a standard accuracy of 50 ppm and an optional premium accuracy of 35 ppm for ranges equal to or less than 20 bar.

Along with the integration of digital intelligence, the CPS8500 Measuring Head has been updated to use a 7/16”-20 SAE port that provides easier compatibility with industry-standard pressure connections. Additionally, the measuring head design has been optimized for a cleaner filtration system that provides smooth, contamination-free operation.

Additional hardware has been added to the CPD8500 Digital Deadweight Tester to improve communication capabilities with the new CPS8500 Measuring Head, while also maintaining the ability to retrofit all legacy heads from the CPD8000 and DPG-10.

Any previously purchased CPD8500 will need to be upgraded to use the on-board CPS8500 measuring head memory.

The CPS8500 is compatible with most older bases. Please contact factory for questions regarding compatibility for CPD8000 and DPG-10 base.

CPS8500 Gauge Head for CPD8500
  • CPS8500 Gauge Head for CPD8500
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