Custom Instruments

Instruments for Custom Applications

Mensor provides custom instruments such as high speed or high volume pressure controllers to meet specific customer requirements.These custom instruments are used to deliver pressure in high speed production environments and high volume testing applications.

Calibration services

Entrust the calibration and maintenance of your measuring instruments to a competent partner.

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Mensor LP

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What is a coalescing filter?

A Coalescing Filter separates two ‘phases’, for example the removal of water aerosols and droplets from a gas. Coalescing filter housings have three ports, the inlet (wet gas with aerosols and droplets), the outlet (gas) and the drain (liquid). Coalesci ... More

What is a liquid separator?

A liquid separator uses gravity and a pressure vessel to separate gas from liquid contamination. Gas contaminated with liquid passes into the volume through a tube. liquid contamination drops to the bottom of the volume and gas travels out through an outlet located ... More