Air Data

What is an air data test set?

An air data test set is a an electronic controller which, based on a supply pressure, automatically provides a pressure at a variable and adjustable rate.
Air data test sets are specifically developed to convert the pressure to be controlled into a height or rate of climb and velocity.
As a result of the high accuracy, control stability and ability to simulate altitude and velocity, an air data test set is particularly suitable as a reference for aircraft workshops and also for instrument manufacturers and calibration laboratories in the aviation industry, in order to make calibrations on sensors and displays.

What is Air Data with respect to the avionics industry?

Air data is a measurement of the physical characteristics of the air mass that surrounds an aircraft. Temperature and pressure are the two maim parameters. Using these, flight parameters can be calculates, including air speed, altitude, rate of climb, angle-of-attack and angle-of-side-slip.