Digital Barometers

What is the meaning of absolute, gauge, barometric, vacuum, bidirectional, ...?

Absolute Pressure
Pressure that is measured relative to (referenced to) absolute zero pressure.

Gauge Pressure
Pressure that is measured relative to (referenced to) atmospheric pressure.

Barometric Pressure
An absolute pressure that measures atmospheric pressure.

Vacuum Pressure
A gauge pressure that is expressed as a positive value below atmospheric pressure. Example: 29 inches of mercury vacuum.

Bidirectional Pressure
A gauge pressure with a span below and above atmospheric pressure.  Example: -15 to +15 psi, -10 to 100 psi etc.

Sealed Gauge Pressure
A pressure that is referenced to a fixed sealed reference, usually standard atmospheric pressure.

Differential Pressure
Pressure that represents the difference between two arbitrary pressures.

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