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Measurement & Calibration Technology for Healthcare Needs

Given the increasing demands on quality, product safety and precision measurement systems in pharmaceutical production and the manufacturing of medical devices, surgical equipment and innovative medical solutions, precise calibration and measurement solutions play a significant role in the safety and effectiveness of the processes.  Contamination – free and sensitive process management in this area calls for reliable measurement and calibration equipment which is highly accurate at the same time.

Our Strengths

We offer wide range of standard product ranges of pressure and temperature measurement & calibration products best suited to meet the high standards of specifications for the healthcare industry. This is further enhanced with our capability to offer customized solutions to meet individual customer needs.  We also provide calibration services traceable to national standards to ensure the quality and precision of your equipment.


  • Monitoring barometric pressure
  • Clean room sensors & gauges calibration
  • Surgical instrument pressure testing
  • Drug manufacturing process calibration
  • Human blood pressure simulation
  • Intelligent hospital bed sensor calibration
  • Thermometer calibration for sterilizers


Medical / Healthcare

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