Air data

Air Data Test Sets and Indicators

Testing altitude and airspeed components in commercial and military air data applications are critical for the safety and performance of an aircraft. Mensor air data test set and indicators provide the high accuracy necessary for these applications. Air Data Test Sets control altitude /altitude rate and airspeed /airspeed rate, for testing altimeters and airspeed indicators or air data computers in a dynamic way that simulates actual flying conditions. Air data Indicators measure Altitude /Altitude Rate and Airspeed /Airspeed Rate for applications where conditions are externally controlled.

What is Air Data Calibration?

Air data calibration measures the air mass surrounding aircraft. The 2 main charcteristics that aare measured are pressure and temperature., and acquired through various sensors.

What is an Air Data Test Set?

An air data test set provides an aircraft information on altitude, airspeed and vertical speed. It is consists of a pressure generator, sensor and display unit.

What are Common Uses of Air Data Test Sets?

Air Data test sets can train aircraft maintenance technicians on calibration techniques as well as research and development purposes. These are commonly used for the testing of pilot-satic ssytems, avionics and identifying leak detection.


What is Air Data with respect to the avionics industry?

Air data is a measurement of the physical characteristics of the air mass that surrounds an aircraft. Temperature and pressure are the two maim parameters. Using these, flight parameters can be calculates, including air speed, altitude, rate of cli ...


What is an air data test set?

An air data test set is a an electronic controller that, based on a supply pressure, automatically provides a pressure at a variable and adjustable rate. Air data test sets are specifically developed to convert the pressure to be controlled into a ...