Portable temperature calibrators

Efficient calibration with temperature calibrators from WIKA

Portable temperature calibrators (dry-well calibrators) are electronic controllers which automatically, quickly and dryly supply a temperature. Due to the high reliability, accuracy and simple operation, portable temperature calibrators are particularly suitable as a factory/working standard for the automatic testing and/or calibration of temperature measuring instruments of all types. A major advantage is offered by the large sleeve diameters and the fast, stable temperature control, since, as a result of these characteristics, the time for calibration can be used very effectively.

What are the Advantages of Dry Well Calibrators in Laboratories?

Dry well calibrators are the perfect solutions to use in laboratories. They are accurate, easy to use, inexpensive and thier portability allows them to be used in a variety of settings.

Why are Dry Well Calibrators Referred to as Dry Block Calibrators?

The name "dry block" refers to the metal block inside the calibrator that holds the temperature sensor, while its accuracy is being determined.


What is an axial gradient?

Temperature difference/temperature gradient from the bottom – maximum immersion depth – to the top - surface of the calibrator.

What does radial gradient mean?

Temperature difference between the individual bores of an insert.