Resistance thermometry bridges

Highly accurate resistance thermometry bridges from WIKA

By using built-in or external standard resistors, resistance thermometry bridges measure resistance ratios with high accuracy, which are indicative of the temperature, among other things. These instruments are not only used in the field of temperature measurement, but − due to their high accuracy − also in electrical laboratories.

What is a Common Use for Resistance Thermometry Bridges?

A resistance thermometry bridge, or precision thermometer, is commonly found in laboratories to measure the resistance of a material to indicate temperature.


How to find the ASL products under WIKA?

New product designations for the ASLproduct portfolio:

The company ASL, a leading manufacturer of AC resistance bridges and high-accuracy hand-held thermometers, has been part of the WIKA Group since January 2013.

With this acquisition the product ra ...


What do the abbreviations RTD, PRT, and SPRT mean?

RTD stands for resistance temperature detector, also called a resistance thermometer. It is a temperature sensor whose resistance changes with temperature.

PRT stands for platinum resistance thermometer and is sometimes called a platinum sensor. It ...