Primary standards

Highest accuracy with Primary Standards from WIKA

Primary standards (often also referred to as mechanical dead-weight testers, pressure balances or primary pressure standards) are the most accurate reference instruments for pressure. Their functional principle is based on the physical principle of pressure = force/area. Mass pieces placed on the top of a piston-cylinder system are the source of a precisely defined force. By producing a certain (counter) pressure inside the primary standard an equilibrium is achieved: the mass pieces, including the free-running piston of the piston-cylinder system, are floating, which will lead to a very accurate pressure at the test port.


What is the Kn factor?

All piston-cylinder units and masses which can be mounted on Desgranges & Huot pressure balances are built around a nominal mass-to-pressure conversion coefficient, Kn. The nominal effective area of each piston-cylinder size is such that, under ...