Pressure controllers

WIKA pressure controllers: Always the right calibration solution

Pressure controllers are electronic controllers which quickly and automatically provide a pressure based on a supply pressure. Due to the high accuracy and control stability, pressure controllers are especially suitable as references for production lines and laboratories, in order to carry out automatic testing and/or calibration of all types of sensors.

What Are the Primary Uses for Pressure Controllers?

Mensor pressure controllers are utilizied as references for production lines and laboratories due to their high accuracy and control stability. This is useful when carrying out automatic testing or calibration of pressure sensors.

What Should you Consider When Choosing a Pressure Controller?

When choosing a pressure controller, always consider the media type you are using, the pressure range you need to calibrate, the pressure type needed to calibrate, the accuracy for each pressure range and the duty cycle that is required.

What is the Difference Between a Pressure Controller, Pressure Transducer and Pressure Indicator?

A pressure controller is capable of performing a completely automated calibration with its internal program sequences, allowing the user an efficient secondary reference standard. A pressure indicator provides accurate pressure measurement and simultaneous indication on a digital display. A pressure transducer forms the core of a pressure controller and indicator, and is the primary means of measuring accurate pressure.


What is the meaning of absolute, gauge, barometric, vacuum, bidirectional, ...?

Absolute Pressure: Pressure that is measured relative to (referenced to) absolute zero pressure.
Gauge Pressure: Pressure that is measured relative to (referenced to) atmospheric pressure.
Barometric Pressure: An absolute pressure that measures atmos ... more

Where are the global repair facilities for Mensor products?

All Mensor pensor products can be repaired at the Mensor facility in San Marcos Texas. Global repair facilities are listed in the international calibration service page.