Digital barometers

Barometric Pressure Indicators and Transducers

Barometric pressure transducers measure the barometric pressure and are used in manufacturing, process control, aerospace, geoscience, calibration and a host of other applications where ambient pressure is a factor in the results of tests, adjustments or calibration of components. Mensor barometric transducers provide the highest level of accuracy in critical applications.

What is The Difference Between a Barometric Pressure Transducer and Digital Barometer?

Barometric pressure transducers work to convert presure into an electric signal. Digital Barometers measure and display atmospheric pressure.

What are the Common Uses of a Digital Barometer?

There are many uses for a digital barometer. They can be used with aircrafts to measure altitude and air pressure, measure air speed at construction sites to ensure worker safety and in marine applications to measure barometic pressure when navigating ships. Digital barometers can even be used in sports such as mountaineering and sailing to measure barometric pressure for safety reasons.