Digital barometers

Barometric Pressure Indicators and Transducers

Barometric pressure transducers measure the ambient atmospheric pressure and are used in manufacturing, process control, aerospace, geoscience, calibration and a host of other applications where ambient pressure is a factor in the results of tests, adjustments or calibration of components. Mensor barometric transducers provide the highest level of accuracy in critical applications.

What is an air data test set?

An air data test set is a an electronic controller which, based on a supply pressure, automatically provides a pressure at a variable and adjustable rate.
Air data test sets are specifically developed to convert the pressure to be controlled into a ... more

Who is Mensor and what do they do?

Mensor was founded in 1969 in Houston, Texas, and has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of the finest high-accuracy measurement, calibration and control instruments and test systems for pressure available. In 1978, Mensor relocated to Sa ...