Our primary objective is to add to the achievement of Mensor’s corporate targets. Mensor’s primary objective is to contribute to our customers’ success by supplying excellent instrumentation solutions in terms of quality, prices, delivery reliability, flexibility and the provision of service in order to yield the turnover and profit required to enable Mensor’s continued existence and growth. Providing the customers of the departments Purchasing / Sourcing with service is part of the above scheme. The key customers of the departments Purchasing / Sourcing are, on the one hand, our internal customers such as, for example, the departments design, development, production, marketing as well as, on the other hand, the ultimate customers via our sales departments. The objective is the achievement of a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Supplier Assessment
Mensor handles incoming supplier assessments in a structured way. Thus, interested suppliers have the opportunity to submit their innovative suggestions for products and services to us. Simply use the following form. We will contact you after the verification of the data.

Sheldon Halliburton
Sheldon Halliburton
Purchasing and IC Manager
201 Barnes Dr.
San Marcos, Texas 78666
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