Occupational Safety

Occupational health and safety will always have an important role at Mensor. To comply with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations concerning the two remains in the forefront of our day to day activities.

Health and safety are incorporated in our Mensor Kaizen activities as well as our internal 5S audits. Supervisors monitor their working areas daily for unsafe conditions and report them to the appropriate department manager. Designated safety trainings for every department are included in new employee orientation to ensure that everyone is actively involved in the safety of all personnel.

Your occupational health is essential to us. Ergonomically designed work areas in production and support areas were included in the strategy when designing our facility. People have an innate attraction and need for daylight. The natural lighting throughout our building addresses that need and creates a pleasant work environment.

The company strongly maintains that the best source of protection for the health and safety of the working team is the individual. It is a responsibility of every employee to be actively involved in the safety of the entire work force.

Christina Clark
Christina Clark
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