Automatic Systems Laboratories (ASL)

Products manufactured by ASL (Automatic Systems Laboratory) are offered in the United States through Mensor, a part of the WIKA Group of companies.

ASL is a global market leader in the manufacture and supply of temperature instruments from high accuracy hand-held thermometers to metrological level temperature bridges. It has been part of the WIKA family of Calibration Technology products since 2013.

ASL has aligned with WIKA's core values for high quality, short lead times and on-time delivery. ASL has also moved to a new factory to increase capabilities in calibration service and production.

ASL's products are used in many market segments all over the world. Many of the regional experts are factory trained to support you with new applications and existing instruments.

How to find ASL products:

ASL has a variety of products, now included in the Mensor website:

Part number cross reference - ASL to WIKA