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Mensor Units

Mensor Units utilizes standard factors to convert pressure from one unit to another for both metric and imperial units. Need to convert pounds per square inch (psi) to bar? Simply enter the pressure value, the unit you would like to convert from and the unit you would like to convert to, and the answer will be calculated and displayed immediately! You can also easily convert temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin and Rankine.

If your device is equipped with an internal Barometer, Mensor Units displays the pressure reading in a pop up window at the bottom of the screen. Just click "Show Barometer" to see the reading in the current selected unit.

myWIKA Device

The myWIKA Device app communicates wirelessly with the WIKA CPG1500 Digital Pressure Gauge. It can be used to configure the device, display current readings, or download logged readings at specified intervals over a defined time period.

CPB-CAL (for iPads only)

The CPB-CAL app computes the pressure generated by a deadweight tester given a specific set of masses and environmental conditions, or alternatively, a specific set of masses that will generate a desired pressure. When using a deadweight tester masses are placed atop a piston cylinder system with a specific cross sectional area (A) to create a force (F) over the area of the piston giving the quantity of F/A which is the definition of Pressure (P=F/A).

The mass, in the earth's gravitational field, provides a defined force that acts on the cross sectional area of the piston-cylinder system. So the accuracy of the generated pressure value depends on the cross sectional area and the force acting upon it. For greater precision, local gravity, plus environmental variables that influence the cross sectional area and the force must be taken into consideration. These variables include ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and the piston temperature. Local gravity can be entered into the CPB-CAL app and the environmental variables can be automatically determined with the WIKA CPU6000 series. The iPad can read these measured values via Bluetooth 4.0 technology and use them in the calculation. The data and coefficients of a pressure balance can be imported using an XML file, as well as being entered manually.

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